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  1. I feel you! I dare to smile when I read this as my son, many many moons ago (20 now) was a spitter. He puked so much, Doctors thought he had a hole in his esophagus! I cannot even walk past a banana bin and he would puke. The good side, we were never afraid of him getting a bad stomach. If the food was off, puke! Milk off, puke. Plane choppy, puke. There was never a day I was “clean”. By the way, he projectile puke right out of The Exorcist. He stopped at 6. Plane ride was so fun and back then, they had the coffee cover ups too. I became an expert at preparation and people wondered why I had a raincoat on board. I knew the timing to a T! No creamy food or drinks before flight and Lavender oil to calm it down. By 3, he knew to ask for puke bag. It miraculously disappeared at 6 years old. Fighting!

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