Sorry to her of your struggles. Please note, so MANY mixed couples with kids are on this merry go round of affairs with ICA too. My situation, 15 years here, two locally born boys BOYS with Singapore Citizenship under my sole custody….PR rejected. EP extension not approved… It’s politics. Policy. and we just need to tow the line and keep trying otherwise. Take what we have and leave.. No stress. no fuss, just keep trying, be patient otherwise move on……..

    • Sorry to hear how terrible your situation is. I think it’s madness that your boys are denied their birthright. Have you appealed to your MP about it?

  2. África

    Sorry to read all this. Can’t do other than encourage you people to carry on, I’m sure things will change. Greetings of solidarity from a spanish follower and thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Ang

    Hi Liv, I can understand your frustration. I am Indonesian too, married to Singaporean and currently waiting (endlessly) for my PR. I submitted my application in May and it’s still pending until now. On the other hand my Malaysian friend (married to Singaporean) who applied in June, had her PR approved in October.

    How is Zoey’s application so far? Any news?

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