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  2. Jack


    They made their choice.
    Who are we to judge and condemn them?
    Are they not fellow human beings as well?

    For we only have the stereotypical thinking of society to blame.

    It may takes years for society to slowly evolve its mindset.
    Its mindset remain unchanged.

    – The amount of wisdom and maturity comes from the ever evolving of the mindset.-

  3. Just a visitor saying hi

    Hi Olivia,
    You said “The single biggest myth in this whole debate is people thinking that once equal rights are given to the LGBT community, everyone will be forced to become LGBT.”

    I don’t think conservatives think “everyone will be forced to become LGBT”, but rather, they fear that when marriage equality is established in Singapore, people with conservative beliefs will be fired or face legal percussions for believing homosexuality is not in line with their religious beliefs.


    I wish the LGBT and religious community would get together for dialogue sessions and learn how to agree to disagree. I think it’s important that marriage equality is eventually achieved, but conservative Christians and Muslims etc. must also have their space to practice their faith- even if it means disagreeing with homosexuality- but without encroaching into anyone else’s space.

    Best wishes to you and your family!

    • I think you will find a lot more people are fired for being gay than being religious. In an ideal world, no one should be fired for either of these reasons. Like I’ve said previously, I’m not asking anyone to abandon their faith. Feel free to practise your faith, but don’t interfere in other people’s lives. In this case, we can agree to disagree on homosexuality. However, I’m never going to ask the government to put you in jail for your religion. So stop asking the government to criminalise sex between 2 men. Simple as that.

  4. tambourina

    Hello! I can see how it can lead to situations in your 1st, 2nd and 4th points of consequence but I don’t get your point about the child having to leave Singapore every 30 days. My understanding is that a child is a Singapore Citizen as long as one parent is a Singapore Citizen. How does a child born to a Singapore Citizen, regardless of orientation, lead to the child not having sg Citizenship?

    • Hello,

      With regards to point 3, here are 2 real life cases that I know of.

      1) A lesbian couple have a child together overseas. The mother who gives birth to the child is not Singaporean. However, both their names are on the child’s birth certificate. They come back to Singapore. They apply for Singaporean citizenship for the child. It is denied with no reasons given and no avenue for appeal.

      2) A gay couple have a child together via surrogacy overseas. Both are Singaporeans. They bring the child back to Singapore and apply for Singapore citizenship. It is denied because Singapore citizenship is only automatically provided for if you have a lawful marriage at the time of the child’s birth and as you know, we don’t recognise same-sex marriage in Singapore.

      So this is why we need equal rights. So that our children will be recognised fairly and equally.

      • Syed Ali

        with respect to your points mention above, the situation is similar to normal family. Any child born outside Singapore from a non-Singaporean women are not guaranteed citizenship unless there is a valid marriage certificate.

        Surrogacy is similar to adoption so no automatic citizenship.

        The law is fair in this respect.

        • Which is why if same-sex marriage is recognised, the couples in question would be considered married as they do have marriage certificate and thus their children would be Singaporean. So no, the law is not fair.

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