1. Zoey is such a well-adjusted and wonderful child, and loved by not one, but two mothers! I wish I had two mothers who were as hands on as these two are. Their love for each other and marriage is stronger and has more values than most heterosexual marriages.

    It’s a shame that these keyboard warriors show their colors while hiding in anonymity behind a computer screen, it’s definitely easier to bully someone when you don’t get to see the hurt on the other person’s face. Pretty sure their perfect families and parents are so very proud of them as they are SO well adjusted and grew up to make sure they are better than everyone else.

    These people need a hug. And by hug, I mean a punch in the gut.

    Rainbows and unicorn farts for everyone!!!

  2. Otto Fong

    I love your witty and measured responses to the hatred. May your family flourish and thank you for sharing your happiness with us!

  3. I’m really glad your blog exists, and this post was done in much graciousness, showing in contrast the hatefulness of homophobic Singaporeans! Just curious, why did you decide to settle in Singapore which doesn’t provide the friendliest environment for LGBT people?

    • Hi melodily, thank you for your comment. My wife and I have pretty much lived in Singapore all of our lives other than for a short period while we were studying.There is no real reason for us to abandon our home plus we have friends and family here. Yes, there are challenges, but I think we’ve shown it’s not impossible overcome them. Some day things will get better. In the meantime, we’ll just live our lives the best we can and hope others will try to do the same 🙂

  4. randomperson

    Wow so full of win.i know I wont have such patience…..being nice to perverted assholes who has apparently thrown out the science they learnt during sec sch….

  5. Rees

    Came across this post from Facebook and would just like to let you girls know that I am so proud of you all! Instead of doing what they did back to them, you showed them maturity and grace of being a better human.

    It is posts and comments like theirs that they should be ashamed of. Instead of shooting mean comments without having to think through them, why not get to understand others first?

    I wish you ladies (including Zoey!) all the happiness in the world and know that you all have one more supporter here! =)

  6. Ross

    Disappointed there were no unicorns involved, but otherwise keep up the good work. Wish my kids had such a beautiful play room.

  7. xinyue

    Thank you for showing that there are same-sex parents families here in Singapore! Representation matters! Also I noticed Boon Leong Chiew spreading his ‘knowledge’ again. I argued with him a few times about whether standing up against the oppressors (aka the homophobes) is ‘bullying’ or not, in which he still thinks that if we call him a bigot it is considered ‘bullying’.

    • Shao

      So instead of arguing why not do things the “Singaporean” way. Accept that we have different opinions and live together in peace? Different religions definitely don’t believe the same things but we don’t see them calling each other “infidels” or “pagan” in Singapore. So instead of debating if he’s a bigot, why don’t we accept that he is different and unique (just like the chiongs), accept him for the way he is and learn to live in peace. Fighting and name calling gets us nowhere, acceptance and tolerance is the way Singaporeans do things. So lets lead by example. 🙂

      • K

        if his ‘uniqueness’ insults the very existence of a group of human beings who have the right to emotional security as any other person on this planet, do we still accept and tolerate the people who do not extend the same courtesy to us?

        is it wrong to demand respect?

        • Shao

          Well to me personally, Respect is earned not demanded. By raising a lovely emotionally stable child the chiongs definitely are earning respect from many (not from everyone for sure, even LKY didn’t get respect from everyone).

          People will always insult each other, no point joining the insult war (e.g bigot/fag). Demonstrate through love and action, which is why I love the way the chiongs wrote this article, without name calling and arguing.

          • xinyue

            I love the way the Chiongs wrote this article too! But the thing is, for me, there is this thing called the most basic human respect, meaning I recognise you as a human being with equal rights to love, get married, etc.

            But when I see people going around spreading false information, for example, using the slippery slope fallacy of how decriminalising homosexuality can lead to the ruin of the world or extinction of humanity, I think of all the people who have read their comments, and they may be LGBT teens, parents who have LGBT children, or simply people, that they can get influence by this negatively, I want to show that LGBT isn’t a bad thing. Hence I say representation matters a lot.

            Also I don’t necessary think of ‘bigot’ being an insult, because I use it to refer to all those people who are narrow-minded and have actually used slurs against other people. But this is just my opinion.

  8. Gabriel

    Your blog response gave the trolls more attention then they deserved. Ignorance is incurable in some people, unfortunately…

    • JJ

      Funny thing is that they say everyone who is in same-sex relationships or support same-sex relationships as like any other relationships are the ones being misled by a cult. I have a very clear-cut definition on equality, so I know what I am thinking. I think WAAPD are the ones being misled. Haha.

  9. Alastair

    Thank you for your courage and taking the thankless effort to answer these trolls yet helping the people around you on the interweb, even those who might have so much hate, to see clearer.

    Take care and I wish the best for your family.

  10. Roy A. Lee

    I am utterly disgusted that despite our advancement in technology and way of life, these Stone Age people are still in their small minded mentality.

    I respect the way you responded to these sad people who fail to understand the concept of family and love.

    Ignore the haters. You and your family have so much to go for despite the difficulties.

    All the best! Cheers!

    • Shao

      Just as the haters said mean things about the wonderful Chiong family, I don’t think we should be saying mean things about the haters (It’s really an endless cycle). They probably understand family and love. However their personal experience of family looks different from the Chiong family, so they may think the Chiong family is different. Lets not flame or shoot each other but demonstrate what it means to accept ALL kinds of families (even theirs).

  11. heather

    Live and let live must be the only response to narrow minded ignorant people, no need to engage with them at all !

  12. Andrew

    If the kid is happy then why society need to be so cruel to judge. There is no guarantee that traditional family will produce a happy family. See how in the news a fathet rape his own child or kill their children. Hurt their spouse.

  13. mrsv

    I am so glad you wrote this post. I know that sometimes it is tempting to ignore hate groups such as the one that targeted you, but responses like this give courage and a sense of solidarity to others in a similar situation. I love your response, and I wish your wonderful family every happiness.

  14. Kudos to you for showing so much grace, maturity and intellect in your replies! I think this may be the first same-sex family I know of in Singapore, and it fills me with a warm happy feeling to know that you are able to stand strong despite adversity.

    There will always be haters, but just as every coin has 2 sides, there will also be friends and loved ones who will stand by you. What doesn’t kill us just makes us stronger .

    A belated congratulations to you on your beautiful wedding, and all the best to you, your partner and little Zoey!

  15. leon

    Hello, could you bring this post to the attention of the SEA games organisers? Because I’m pretty damn sure you just won the gold medal in the internet event.

  16. YT


    It is really upsetting to know those fellow Singaporeans find it okay and appropriate to give such hurtful comments to you and your beautiful family. It really makes me questioned what kind of family they are being brought up in, such that they find it okay to hurt others like this.

    I hope words of encouragement from the rest of us can help bury those hurtful comments. I am straight, and I think your family is as beautiful as any others. Continue on the great parenting! (I would have love that playroom/library as a child) You have many of us behind you!

    • Shao

      Hey its really upsetting when people insult other’s family, so let’s not do that ok? I’m sure these commenters were brought up in wonderful families, they just don’t know there are other types of families which are different from the ones they are raised in. So as humans we sometimes react to things we don’t know/understand with hostility. Lets spread love and understanding instead of shooting each other. 🙂

      • YT

        Opps, I apologized if I appear to have “shoot” or insult them. It was a genuine thought as I read their hateful comments.

  17. Born this Way

    Applause to the gracious responds to the vicious rhetoric on same sex couple. Yes one don’t need to stoop so low and uncivilised to unleash personal wrath and discriminatory prejudices on others just bec of the differences in same sex couple family.

    I still remember when I came out to my mom more than 10 years ago, coming from a conservative background, she finds it hard to reconcile. I explained to her gay people are not much different from straight people, we have the same need to want to love, be love; to care and be cared for; to encourage and be encourage; nurture and being nurtured, find the right partner to settle down start a family. The only difference is the gender of our desired and consenting partner is the same as us.

    We are just born or wired or genetically built differently. I elaborated to her further, some of us are born to like eating chicken, while others only prefers the taste of duck. Should we based on personal innate “Differences” discriminate? outcast? vilify? name and shame the non conformants? How do we feel if one of our beloved family members, nieces/ nephews, close friends are born this way?
    Does it justify hating n badgering them just Bec they are born to be “Different”? Are we as a society/world that narrow minded that we cannot embrace and accept differences in our human kind.

    Just like we can accept different races, different skin colour, different culture, different religions any differences that preaches loving kindness and empathy and co-exist in harmony.

    The world has progressed to accept inter racial marriages as a norm, and many 1st world countries in U.S. and Europe have legally recognised same sex marriages.

    So ask yourself why do we desperately cling-on to the narrow minded thinking and cause so much grief to other innocent “different” individuals. Would we want others to treat his this in humanely if we are born with a different skin colour, height, body shape, race, raised in a different culture, adopt a different belief system?

  18. Haresh

    Fantastic read Liv. It certainly takes lesser mental effort to condemn than to think. Hopefully your article sparks the need to reflect on longstanding, biased, dogmas.

  19. Classy reply.

    Judging by the horrific grammar these people have, I am glad to not be associated with them! If you want to criticise others, at least learn how to use the language properly!

    Very proud of you for standing up for yourself and your rights.

  20. princearty


    Very proud of you guys and I hope to one day form a loving family nucleus just like yours!

    Can’t help but to notice that those keyboard warriors do not show their face on their profile pic. Speaks alot about how proud they are of themselves…

  21. I don’t know how you ladies do it but I can’t even bear to read all the hateful, bigoted comments from all these people. Kudos to you. Keep it up! You and your family resonate so much positivity. God bless!

  22. eugene tan

    Nicely written and thank you for sharing this inspirational life story. We wish your family a lifetime of joy and happiness!

  23. Your story is inspiring, and it’s amazing how you can react so calmly to people who made such insensitive comments about you and your family. Have a good time at pink dot, and I hope the haters will finally get an idea that there’s nothing wrong with what you’re doing.

  24. Vanessa

    I have no idea why those people had to make such unkind remarks, when they do not have a role to play in the lives of The Chiongs. It is a choice made by The Chiongs which they can choose to ignore if they do not agree with what they did. Zoey has a pair of great parents and I am sure that she will grow up well. 加油!

  25. Di

    Ugh, quite disappointing to see that one of those commenters is my secondary school classmate… thumbs up for the classy retort! You both have all my support!

  26. mel

    I feel Sorry that so many of my fellowmen should be so mean and sad to make comments like that. I’m glad to see you girls taking it in positive spirit

  27. E H

    You girls always handle these haters with so much class! Really proud how you are making a stand for same sex parents showing that it is possible in singapore! And educating these ignorant folks how zoey is growing up well balanced…and judging from her room and happiness and exposure she is getting….i dare say growing to be an intelligent leader in her own right!

  28. Daf

    Reading this delighted me so much! Kudos to the bigots who gave you free publicity, kudos to you and your family for responding in such an intelligent and calm manner. Your girl is very lucky to have parents who are strong, assured and loving in the face of hostility. I hope more same-sex couples in Singapore find the strength and hope you have found.

  29. Adrian

    Not that I know much about this homosexuality stuff nor that I’ve any adverse or favorable opinion about you folks,
    I’ve few questions, why same sex people are anti-religion? Or is this a stereotype mindset against homosexuals?
    The 2nd question is bit more personal to you guys, as much as I respect you, your choice and completely agree that you should have the absolute right to pick your life partner, male or female doesn’t really matter but we can’t defy the law of nature, god’s law whatever we call it. Zoey had an element of her father in her, whoever he is whichever the way that fatherhood came into her. No one could take that from her. Hope you guys will explain to her about that when time comes. You have the right to live whatever the way you want she has the right to know the truth and hope you’ll have the answers.

    • Jessica

      I’m not them but the answer is that most gay couples aren’t anti religion. Though some are atheist, but the belief that homosexuals are anti relgion is a stereotype. As for the father: Well I don’t know the situation personally but there is the possibility that she was artificially inseminated. So it the case the “father”(or in reality donor). Doesn’t necessarily have to be in the childs life if he choses not to be. Their daughter will probably ask and I don’t doubt they’ll tell her thr truth.

      • Adrian

        Thanks for your reply. First thing first I fully support gay, straight, loan rangers everybody is human all are equal. There MUST NOT BE any discrimination absolutely that’s disgraceful and disgusting. Singapore needs to do better much much better.

        Although personally I wouldn’t like to announce my sexual orientation it’s private to me but I can understand the reason for homosexual people to do that.

        Now going straight to the point the only thing I don’t like about these type of blogging that it brings a child unduly to public view not deserved, now that it is we should have the decency that she remains as normal as every other child. Lastly, we all know there is no one in the world would love n give the best other than her biological mother. Zoey is obviously blessed n going to have a great life.

    • Hi Adrian,

      Thanks for your comment and questions.

      As Jessica said, most gay people aren’t anti-religion. In fact, there are plenty of Buddhist, Christian, Taoist, Muslim gay people. I think it’s just a stereotype that has been made the norm because of the strong anti-gay reaction from various religious groups.

      As for the sperm donor, Zoey does have the right to know who he is and we will tell her when she asks in the future.

      Hope these answers help.


  30. Beautiful, especially since it’s already been proven that children brought up by same sex couples are actually better adjusted. I really feel sorry for the people of WAAPD they really are such a bunch of clueless individuals. Have a fantastic life together and enjoy every moment of it all three of you!

  31. Molly Soong

    Beautiful playroom and so neat! I don’t know why those trolls just want to spoilt the days of others with such hurtful bitchy remarks. It’s great to see that you ladies are above it all. Way to go! 🙂

  32. JJ

    (Y) Witty responses to all those self-righteous pricks!

    Dem haters shouldn’t be shooting their mouths and claim that Zoey is unfortunate. Most of them are hypocrites, on one side they fight against racial discrimination and on the other, they discriminate people in same-sex relationships. They don’t know the true meaning of discrimination and equality.

    Sadly though, these people will most probably not admit, and instead, insist that they are right.

  33. E

    Fantastic article. Although It makes me angry to see the ignorance that exists on so many levels, your responses are witty, comedic, and offer valid teachings to all of us! More power to you and your wonderful family!!!

  34. Hahaha, ur replies are really so funny!! I had a good laugh at how u hit the comments with such witty humour. I am a mum who is, yes, a little more baised towards normal family structure as I am a Christian. But I do respect others choice. I must say that it’s commendable for you and ur partners courage to do what u are doing now. And beyond that giving birth and creating a lovely environment. Many straight families can’t even do that. Quarrels, child abuse, the list go on. i wish you and your family happiness! 🙂

  35. Lara

    Hello from Manila! Your family is amazing radiating warmth, love, and wit!! Don’t let those myopic turkeys get you down! Cheers!

  36. Go live good lives as a non-dysfunctional family… then rub their perverse threesome (and other outside action) seeking tendencies in their faces. =P

  37. Karunagaran Rajagopal

    My best wishes to both of you and your daughter. Society is filled with people who are prejudiced , discriminate and ignorance. They reflect the fear in them. You need not reply and you don’t owe your life and living to anyone. Best wishes.

    We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.

  38. anon

    you probably don’t know how big of a deal it is for me to have some form of representation within our tiny little conservative community. watching you and your family continue to live here with your head held high gives me hope for the future that maybe someday this place would be a more accepting place, where people of all sexuality and gender can live here, safe and healthy, no more different from the regular citizen.

  39. Just like the period women were fighting for equal rights, now its the time for sexual orientation, everyone gets what they want in the end, so not to worry, the inevitable would always happen, eventually 🙂 Some people just refuse to see the truth as they are just so blinded by their own religion or upbringing and just so afraid to come out of their comfort zones, but it doesn’t matter anyways, everyone thinks that they are right regardless…

  40. Jovan

    Well, the truth hurts sometimes: most gay people are delivered by straight couples, no? So, if someone has to bear this blame, the straight people are the ones producing gay children.. That being said, i don’t blame my parents for my being in this world or my bro’s (because we are both gay). Everything happens for a reason!

  41. Vidya

    A friend shared this on Facebook.

    I am glad the two of you found your path to happiness, and glad to hear that Zoey is thriving and flourishing under your care.

    I absolutely loved the way you handled these… (For want of a better politically correct term)… Unmentionable persons’ venom… I wish Zoey grows up to embrace life with the same grace and dignity that you showed…

    Go girl!!!

  42. Renny

    You have a lovely family… Be proud of what you have chiongs! You have it well… Leave alone for those who only talk about same sex relationship… They know shit…. Wishing you all the best..

  43. Aaron

    Regardless of what those myopic people say about you and your family, please ignore them. Your calm and composed response to these people shows a great deal of your character and maturity as an adult, and more importantly a parent. I believe you will raise Zoey to be a responsible and sensitive person.

    I may be a heterosexual male (not a parent), but I believe that what is taught to a child is more important than whether the parents are of the same gender or not.

  44. yaojun

    hey ladies (all three of you) don’t let the haters get you down! your positivity is really inspiring!

  45. I see a loving family, loving parents and a very loved child….and that’s really all that matters because those three things alone move mountains — but in the meantime, much admiration and support and will look forward to future sharings 🙂

  46. Jonathan Er

    Hats off to you ladies! You’ve shown graciousness and love and facts in your replies to those ignorant people.

    I hope you will continue to be an inspiration to those who are facing these kind of bullying by those so called “educated” group of people!

  47. Amy

    Well done, ladies! Every child needs a parent (or two) to teach grace, class, and empathy. Your little girl is gorgeous. Much love and peace from Maryland.

  48. meg

    Your daughter is lucky to have two loving and supportive parents. I wish you and your beautiful family all the joy and happiness this world has to offer ❤️

  49. Brava!! I love, love, LOVE your responses! Based simply on your responses to ignorance, Zoey has amazing parents who are going to teach her to approach things logically and stay cool under pressure and criticism. Much love and support from Kansas City!! <3

  50. Well, Amos Yee has straight parents. Now tell me why aren’t you bashing heterogenous couple for it? If he was brought up in a same-sex family, i bet you will flock and blame it as a downside of having a same-sex family. What hypocrites you bunch are.

    This is why singapore will never be open to having same sex marriage options in the near future because of narrow minded people like these. Did they do anything to hurt you? Upset you? No? So stop all these butt hurt comments and live your own lives. I hope none of your next generation will commit any undignified acts, else the onus is on you, self righteous, heterogenous couples..

  51. I saw the buzzfeed article & came to read. Beautifully written, yall seem awesome! If you ever come back to SF or Sac I’d love to shake your hands 🙂 i will def be reading the blog from here on out.

  52. Lin Jia Xuan

    Graceful reply darlings!! I envy you little family.. wish Zoey grow up happy and beautiful like both of you!! ^_^

  53. Isa

    Please just ignore small minded comments. It won’t do to wrangle in the dirt with them. Be happy and I wish you all the best.

  54. Anne

    I saw this as an article on the site Buzzfeed, and I must say that you ladies are an inspiration! To respond to cruel and hateful comments torwards your family with wit and ease inspires me to try and be more easy going. Zoey is a beautiful little girl, best of luck and wishes to your wonderful family. Kudos to you for being the bigger person!!

  55. Dave

    Well done Chiong family! , what a great comeback – class, poise, humor, and intelligence. You’ve proven again that Zoey is in great hands.

  56. Iliana

    Beautiful response and congratulations for your adorable family! Stay strong, there are many people angry and full of stupid prejudices about how the world should work.

    And for the ignorant who said “same sex parents are cruelty for children”, it’s absolutely awful that he/she doesn’t consider that have parents who are together, who love each other and educating a child in complete harmony are less cruel (or not cruel at all), than tons of male parents who abandon, abuse or mistreat their wives and children. Or those straight and irresponsible couples who get pregnant and one doesn’t answer for it and the other leaves the child on the streets.

    It’s so sad when people prefer to live surrounded by unhappy people than surrounded by love.

    Tons of hugs and love from Mexico!

  57. bb

    You guys fucking rock!! your daughter is going to grow up to be so beautiful on the inside as well as the out. Keep killing the motherhood game and inspiring others <3 <3 <3

  58. Casper

    you guys are my heroes. You are what the world should aim to be. You take all the hate and just laugh. I hope all three continue to live a long happy life together. :o)

  59. Samantha

    This is an awesome find (and I’ll admit, I saw this through buzzfeed). Thanks for responding with such grace, as a lot of people in your family’s situation just can’t stand to do (and honestly, rightfully so, sometimes).

    But I’d have to disagree with one of your points, because I do believe prayer is effective, and I’m definitely going to be praying for you and your family to gain even more of the love and support that you deserve. I’m just terribly happy to find more people in the world who are as lovely, and compassionate as your family. Zoey is one darling, and fortunate tiny human 🙂

  60. Lee

    I am very happy to come across your blog and reading about your happy family life. Here’s wishing you all the best in your days ahead!

  61. You are awesome for being both brave and kind. You showed the world how to respond to hate – by using your most powerful tools: your brain and heart.

  62. ben regard

    Congrats btw…singaporeans only know how to critic others…but when it happen to them,they deny and blame others…typical lame ass…

  63. Gretchen

    You ladies are inspiring, interesting, intelligent, funny and completely bad ass. Your daughter is lucky to have parents like you. I found your article posted to the website Buzzfeed and I’m glad I did. Sorry you have to deal with so much ignorance… I hope people start to realize that all people are awesome and should be treated as such. Please come visit Boston, Massachusetts USA… We allow same sex marriage, which is amazing (and morally correct), and there are lots of cool things to see/do.

  64. m

    Beautiful post!

    It bears repeating that marriage and family – in all its various permutations – existed long before Christianity, or indeed most other religions that persist today, was even invented. This special interest group led by some Christians and friends (funny how they can’t band together to solve more pressing issues like religious violence or radicalization) who seek to claim ownership of these institutions would do well to remember this fact. They should also know their efforts smack of arrogance, and that they infringe the Golden Rule – the very maxim upon which their various religious moralities are based.

    What would Jesus do? Exactly NOT what they are doing.

  65. Hball

    I didn’t even notice anything different from a “typical” family. Your child is so lucky to be so loved by you!

  66. leslie

    from the comments here, i am not quite sure if what PM Lee said about singaporeans not being ready is really true.

    all the best for the family….and if you ever have any room for adoption…adopt me! i can clean up after myself…most of the time!


  67. Grant

    So happy to have found your blog. Your family is beautiful. It is very clear that you love each other and care for one another. I hope that one day I can have a family like yours, and be as brave as you guys. You don’t deserve the disgusting ignorant hate being directed at you, and am really impressed with the way in which you have dealt with it. You just gained another follower 🙂

  68. Shenglan

    Vernon Straight! That made my day. Thank you! I am glad more people are talking about LGBT rights in Singapore now.I remember when I last lived there about six years ago, I didn’t hear much about the issue at all becuase it was still such a taboo. All the best to you and your family!

  69. Grenut

    Zoey is so beautiful. I am sure she is happy and glad to be born in this wonderful family. Her happiness shows on her face. Things might not be easy, however, I am sure your family will be able to lead a happy life.

    Kudos to your family.

  70. kirsten

    I read just a few of the vile posts and your wonderful replies and i am in tears. I cannot believe that your relationship or parenting can be questioned by people who dont even know you. I have lived in Singapore for 8 years and am very happy to the the red dot going a bit pink finally. I come from Melbourne. my eldest went to school with so many variations of possibilities, that sex ed was truly hilarious. Hang in there! You are a couple in love and wonderful parents.

  71. Alan

    Good rebuttal to these bigots! Just wonder what kind of religion can preach such people to be so full of hatred for other human beings as if they belong to a devil’s cult. These bigots are a disgrace to mankind.

  72. NG

    Did not know about your blog until I came upon this post in Singapore Daily. Good on you two for sharing your experiences so openly, Although I am not gay, I believe It takes a lot of courage and conviction to be who you are in a conservative society like Singapore. Your child will benefit from your parenting and I am sure she will grow up to be a wonderful, accepting and tolerant human being.

  73. S

    Just wanted you to know that you guys are such an amazing inspiration to other gay/lesbian couples in sg who are looking to have a child in the future. thank you(:

  74. daniel lim

    I’m not Christian but I like how u “turn the other cheek” Luke 6:29 (If someone slaps you on one cheek, turn to them the other also.) with such finesse. Seems to me you practice better than they can preach. ❤️

  75. Payne

    You guys rock! You represent not only the LGBT community, but also the kids born to single moms and discriminated by the leaders who are supposed to be fair to its people. They want higher birth rates but want to set limitations on who is entitled to start a family by means of only giving baby bonus and CDA accounts to babies born to married couples. Even the entitlements (maternity leave) of single moms are a lot less than married moms. I think it is not the people that are discriminating. It is the leaders who are leading their people to be discriminating and judgmental. Seriously speaking, I would rather be a single parent than have a husband or let my child have a father who is a judgmental jerk like those “men” who gave those senseless comments. We don’t see this problem in places like US or Europe because their actually have human rights and their leaders really gives everyone equal rights. So really. You guys really are the best family a child can have.

  76. GL

    Although I don’t personally agree with this lifestyle choice, there is no reason for others to be rude and crass. The disrespectful comments show that the commentators are simple and narrow minded. One can disagree and even stand up for WAAPD, but to personalise it to a stranger is really hitting below the belt. I’m ashamed for them.

  77. Sean

    Imagine everyone telling vegetarians that they can’t eat meat just because the rest of the world consumes meat. I don’t see any difference with that and the homosexuality “issue”. Plus, very classy response to all the haters. Thumbs up!

  78. Meiling

    Don’t get mad. Don’t get even. Do better. Much better. Rise above. Become so engulfed in your own success that you forget it ever happened.

  79. Ahtinav

    Well done for standing up to these people. Unfortunately the world is full of small-minded people who don’t realize that what’s important is the love people have for each other and not gender, age or religion. Stay happy and positive. And your daughter is one lucky kid to have parents who clearly love her and each other. The foundation of a successful family.

    P.S: Do have more kids. Your daughter is gonna need a playmate. 😉

  80. martha

    There is nothing like the moral high ground….the painful irony of the haters here is that they feel they stand on it even as their bigotry and sheer ignorance betrays them. Family is as family does … Love, care, nurture, support, protect. You girls rock it to the moon and back. Keep the dignity and grace of that high ground forever. We can all learn from you…. And strive for what you have and represent. I am full of admiration.

  81. Kay

    May the both of you, and your daughter be eternally blessed with such strength of character and love for each other. Truly admirable.

    I deeply apologise for the statements made by individuals whom identify themselves as fellow Christians for generating such hatred, insensitivity and ignorance. May they someday realise the error of their ways and understand that love comes first no matter what.

    What you ladies have is a beautiful thing and may your family be continually blessed with such love and joy for each other.

  82. Angel

    Hey Olivia and Irene,

    Thank you for sharing your stories online and I can only imagine how much courage and strength it took to do so. It’s a slow process to reduce hate, discrimination and narrow-mindedness in the society but I’m sure you guys helped to open up the minds of people, slowly but surely, one at a time.

    Anyway, I would like to thank you for sharing your stories once again because you give society hope and belief that things can work out if you just have faith in love. A fine example of love conquering all.

    Thank you.

  83. Louisa

    I am HORRIFIED that people really write this kind of thing in 2015. Thank you for being brave enough to speak up, and I am so sorry that you have to face this kind of thing. People are so narrow minded and stupid: love is love and it is about the person, not the gender. I am ashamed of any fellow straight people who think like this.

    Your daughter is beautiful by the way.

  84. Alan

    What a beautiful family! And what gracious replies to such nasty, nasty people. Kudos to the Chiongs, I wouldn’t have been able to maintain such poise in the face of such wretched awfulness. Keep posting!

  85. Jee Kai Tan

    RuPaul often said: If they ain’t paying your bills, pay them bitches no mind!!!!!!

    These people are like schools during June: absolutely no class!!!!!!! Power to the both of you and your lovely girl!!!!!

  86. HI there~!!!

    Enjoyed reading this again after quite some time.

    Just want to add… in this life time… there’s only really one true thing that we can do. that is to lift the spirits or hopes or lives of others.

    lift their lives. lift their spirits. do good.

    that is truly the only thing we can do.

    big hugs. lots of love. and have a great life. be blessed.

  87. Larraine

    You and your wife are really an inspiration to everybody out there, especially the LGBT community and youths in this country as many of us aspire to have a home like yours. You both are really brave to respond to all these immature bigots with such class and politeness despite their mean comments. Much respect to you and your beautiful family!

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