1. Katrijn

    I heard somewhere that toddlers and preschoolers grow so fast and are so active, they are actually wired to reject vegetables because those carry too few calories and take up too much space in their small tummies. I looked at my little wild animals and something just clicked – it makes so much sense! Now I try to stick with the rule: “I decide when and what you eat, you decide how much.” They don’t eat as much vegetables as I’d like, but at least they will try everything at least once and mealtimes are not a fight. (Yes, I have basically given up.)

    From the bag of tricks that work for my children (but I know from experience each child is different and unique): Grate or puree veggies and put those in things like omelettes, pasta sauces, burgers, fish cakes, risotto, quiche, etc. Soy sauce or extra mature cheese are magic masking ingredients.

  2. meateater

    I personally prefer meat.
    My mother used to make her stir-fried cabbage dish sweet instead of salty. Needless to say, cabbage was my favourite vegetable.

  3. Cook the veggies, add cream, a pinch of paprika, top with cheese and gratin under a grill until delicious. Add bits of ham before the cheese if you want. I’ve gone this so many times as a nanny and yes it’s pretty fattening, but at least they’re eating their veggies. ^^

  4. I’m a quirky eater. By quirk, I mean I do not like eating anything green. I’d eat the red chili but not the green one. Yellow kiwi not the green one, you get the picture. What helps is EDAMAME!

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