• Hi Kelvin, thanks for your comment. Yes, I’ve seen the movie “The Kids Are All Right” While I liked the movie for trying to highlight the challenges lesbian women face in having a family, I was disappointed in the use of the sperm donor as the homewrecker. It’s a horrible thing to imply and I certainly hope it doesn’t actually happen to any couples!

    • No, but we accepted their private apology and left it at that. As the photo appeared online only, we felt it was not necessary to kick up a fuss as long as it was taken down.

  1. Angie

    It’s such coincidence that his views on homosexuality were captured on pg 377 of his memoirs 😉 I hope with time, we’d have another enlightened politician of similar stature and gravitas to call a spade a spade and nudge his/her compatriots along. Till then, let’s share our stories and do what we can to build a more pleasant reality for ourselves and the people we love. Press on!

    • I think he knew he was laying the foundation for change by making those views public. Now we just need to keep working on making the change happen faster.

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