1. Ash

    wish I have the courage to come out at work. My work place is very homophobic. if I ever find a work place that is LGBT friendly, I will leave.

    • Hi Ash, I’m sorry that you work in a homophobic environment. Do consider looking for new opportunities elsewhere as it can be really stressful to work in an unfriendly environment. I wish you early success in finding a better place!

  2. Daniela and Janaina

    Hi! We are Janaina and Daniela, a Brazilian legally married couple of two women (no children, just cats and fish). Through a online game, we came to meet Richard Gunawan, and he told us about your story. We want to wish you both the very best. It may be sometimes hard, being out as a LGBT person, but it’s also infinitely rewarding. Oh, and your child is lovely! We’ve been wanting to steal Claire from Richard for quite a long time, but he won’t let us 🙂 We’ll be following your blog from now on.

    • Hi Daniela and Janaina! Nice to virtually meet you. I know Richard back from our days in school and it’s cool to know he sent you my way. What game do you play? I’ve been trying to set up a play date with Richard for our kiddos, but it’s not happened so far. Maybe I should try harder! Thank you for your wishes and I wish you both the best as well. Thank you for reading! 🙂

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