1. anon

    I love reading your blog. As a fellow lgbt, here’s some suggestions for topics:
    1) how did you find out you are lesbian?
    2) how did you have zoey?
    3) judging from allowing zoey play with trains, you seem to have carefully chosen her toys. Could you blog about your toy selection?
    4)how do you teach zoey to deal with the stares,questions etc she will face with coming from a non traditional family set up?
    5) what is your greatest achievement and disappointment?
    6)what is your daily schedule like?

    • Hi anon,
      Thanks for your suggestions. I will add them to my list of topics to cover so you might find me answering some of these questions soon 🙂

      • randomperson

        Hi I totally agree. I hate this lousy str cousin throwing ipad to his kid since baby/toddler.
        if he cant be a parent then dun have kids. I rarely see the kid but most of the time I see him with bruise or scars. makes me wonder if his motor skill is under developed.

        btw hope u nv forgot…I hope u can consider you coming out story, how your family/relatives react and wedding…I think most Chinese parents r v traditional so I think it would be a gd insight?

        thks so much for reading….

        • Hello, I can completely understand why some parents resort to using iPad to babysit their children. It is simply an easy way that is almost always effective. I don’t think it is because they love their children any less. More likely it’s because they don’t know if better options. I hope to spread the awareness that there are better options out there.

          As for the coming out story, I need some time to write about it as there is so much involved. Haha. It will probably take a while to put it together, but I will try to start writing it bit by bit.

          • randomperson

            No worries,otot.

            I think is really bad lor,the moment the kid whine he shove thr ipad.zero discipline.simple eating time they also cant get him to sit still n eat and the kid alr gg pri 1.also the kid prefer to play with me(an adult) rather than other kids.wont u find it unhealthy?

          • I think all parents have different experiences, even between their own children. I recently met a mom who shared that her first son is very different from her second. I guess the most important thing is that all parents want to do their best for their kids. Sometimes it’s a trade off by letting them watch ipad so they will eat a full meal. This may not seem like the best idea, but sometimes they simply need to do what they can. Unfortunate but true. By the way, I know many children who prefer to play with adults than other kids. I’m not sure why. Maybe because adults can teach them more stuff?

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