• I am very impressed by how fuss free the entire claims process was and definitely recommend them for anyone who is looking to purchase travel insurance in the future.

  1. randomperson

    Saw this frm pinkdot page.cool!have u shared ur overcoming expectations frm parents?alot post,would u kindly direct me?

    Btw,am curious,do u guys actually happen to have the same surname or was it jus like married woman follow the husband surname?

      • randomperson

        After like reading bout half of ur entries…im convinced u guys r the perfect example that I thought would nv happen in sg…..n kinda my life goal….


        • Haha, thank you for the kind words. I started writing this blog as a way to remind myself to enjoy life and appreciate how fortunate I have been. I am glad others can resonate with it. Don’t worry, you can have a happy life too, just believe in it!

          Wish you all the best in achieving your life goal 🙂

  2. Nova

    Thank you for sharing the great experience with MSIG….I am so happy to read this story as I am part of the MSIG family….

  3. Des

    Clearly ACE Insurance will never score with me when it comes to travel time. And yes, MSIG ftw, every time.

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