• Happy New Year! I never really focused on it until this year when we must make a real effort for the ang baos. I actually made a trip to change new notes as compared to the past when I just saved random newish looking $2 and $10 notes.

  1. Aunt

    Its best to have sets of “ang baos” on hand always. Giving them should be taken as a manner of well wishing and thanking another. Red symbolizing auspiciousness so we are spreading what is good. In order to prevent awkward situations, giving it to children and elders is the best start to avert such uneasiness. The other marker are young unmarried adults who are related. Its not the $ amount in it that matters, see it as extending and communicating goodness.

    • I actually do have extra ang baos on hand during visiting and so will remember to give to all who are young and unmarried. Also prepared some for the elderly ala grandparents age.

  2. Grace

    It is always a headache whether to give an angpao to a ypunger adult unmarried cousin or child of a friend. Imagine him or her at 40 receiving an angpow….. Like paiseh no? Lol

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