1. Hi Olivia, I see we are one step slower to be considered part of your viral connections. Anyway, I still want to write in. 🙂 We are a lesbian relationship, stepping into our 2 year anniversary next month. My girlfriend shared your blog link on facebook and I read the “7 year” article. As I read, I kept asking my girlfriend if this was in Singapore. I scan the article and got my confirmation at this line “we are one of the few out and proud lesbian parents in Singapore.” The next few days i couldn’t stop talking about your blog and vow to finish reading in the weekend, not knowing that I had already finish reading it the very same night.

    Anyway, I will like to follow you guys. Wish you could write more.

    • Hey Andrea, I got your previous comment and edited it to protect your privacy. Do email me at Olivia(at)thechiongs.com so we can connect further 🙂

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