1. Closet girl

    Thanks for sharing and I wish my gf could learn some tips from this post! It’s never easy being in a same gender relationship and I am proud of you girls ! Stay happy and strong!!

  2. Christelle

    Ladies, bravo! Thank you for this blog and showing that it is possible to have a family in Singapore. Which brings me to the question: how did you do it? How did you do it with having a kid (i mean from a legal point of view). My girl and i are considering marriage, and both being foreigners in singapore, it makes things more complicated too. We have lots of questions from a marriage point of view. Am glad about any comment 🙂

  3. Noel

    What a beautiful post. I just got married to my partner and we’re doing a lot of the things you describe…will read it together with him 🙂

    Thank you!

    • Congrats on getting married! Here’s wishing you many years of marital bliss ahead. I hope you enjoy this read with your partner 🙂

  4. Liz

    Can drop me an email? Got a few questions to ask u in regards to the legal thing in the same sex marriage and kid. Thank!

  5. bright

    wow!!! your story inspired me especially not saying the break up unless you want it.
    I am with my girl for more than a year and we have our fair shares of arguments over petty matters. We are 9 years apart and I am older.
    I will continue to keep on keeping on and do what is right in the relationship.
    Thank you for sharing.

    • Hi, I think not talking about break up is one of the key reasons why our relationship has lasted so long. I encourage more couples to remember this key point. I hope you enjoyed reading this and wish you all the best 🙂

  6. debbie


    I have balance problem due to my ears too. I read that Irene had her cochlear transplant done.

    May I know if the results are good?

    • Irene

      Hi Debbie,

      May I know whether you have hearing loss? The cochlear implant procedure is only available for people with severe/profound hearing loss.

  7. Jade L

    Happy Birthday Irene! Happy Anniversary to both of you! I’m a day late. It’s totally awesome to learn and grow in a relationship everyday.

  8. Angie

    That’s a sweet, heartfelt post! My partner and I are extreme polar opposites in many ways and it’s been an amazing 10 years together. We don’t have big fights or drama (sometimes I feel like we’re missing out on those make-up moments!) but when issues come up, what has helped is to never let the sun go down on our anger and like you pointed out, for love to be at the centre of what you do, the decisions you make and learning that some battles needn’t start. May you, Irene and Zoey always be happy and loving as a family 🙂

    • Thank you for your kind support Angie. Congrats on being in a loving relationship for 10 years! That is definitely a great achievement. Appreciate you sharing this bit of your journey with us 🙂

  9. dee

    Please do update more stories if you would publish a book bout your family life i would be the first to buy it as i myself going throught the same seeing my future with a family with my fiancee and the thoughts of an extra life in the relatioship. You both are very sweet and loving you have all my support and love

    • Thank you dee. No plans for a book, but you can continue to read this blog as I will be blogging more this year. Wishing you and your fiancee well 🙂

  10. Feli

    Thank you for writing this post. Had many thoughts while reading it. I’m not in a same-sex relationship but I believe every couple has to read this. My boyfriend and I are planning our wedding this year and it has been stressing us out. After reading your post I realised that no matter what happens, our love is and will always be the glue that holds us together. Nobody can predict what will happen in life, we may go through ups and downs. What’s important is that we stick together and keep communications open. Congrats on your marriage and happy belated birthday to Irene! p.s. Zoey is so lucky to have both of you as parents!

    • Thank you for reading and commenting Feli. Yes, I do agree that a same-sex relationship issn’t much different from a heterosexual relationship so all the points can be applied. Wish you all the best for your wedding. Don’t stress out over it as it is just 1 day in a whole life you have to look forward to together!

  11. Honestly; I’m shocked.
    A same sex marriage and raising a kid in Singapore is indeed hard for me to digest and appreciates BUT I have to accept it as part of “present day” life.
    Despite my reservation; I do not object nor detest it. After all; it’s your life and I have only 3 words to say;..”Best of everything” for both of you.

    • Thanks for your honest comment Jafri. Appreciate your frankness and respectfulness. I wish you all the best in life as well. Cheers!

  12. África

    All my support from Spain 🙂 You are amazing, strong and lovely people. Wish you all the best in life. Thanks for sharing

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