1. Polly

    I love this story! As hard as it is in America to get last names changed..we want the boys to have Andy’s last name, but that requires my ex to agree to it (he’s a total narcissist, and would NEVER!!). The only way he’ll agree to it is if Andy adopts the boys, which is $5000 (approximately) …anyway, even as difficult as it is for us, i can’t imagine what you go through in Singapore!

  2. randomperson

    Wow thks so much sharing,i didnt know its so complicated,i’ve always thought we(females/lesbians) could bypass law n regulations somehow.if only this is fb or smthg that I can bookmark…..oh wells,will do it when I get my hands on my lappy.

    Thks for putting ur story out there.cheers and happy new year,HUAT ARH!!!!

  3. Tatiana

    What a beautiful story! The fact that the date you all now share with meaning is even more amazing. Talk about kismet. I know what you guys are doing, i.e., just going about life as any other married human seems ordinary to you, but I just want you both to know how amazing you are and what a gorgeous little Bubba Zoe is. xxx Much love.

  4. Janice

    Hi there Olivia! Zoey is so adorable and cute! 😀 Just out of curiosity, how did you conceive her? Was it through IVF treatment? Just curious. 🙂

  5. Elin

    I love this story too!! Forget about the haters. In taytays words, the haters are going to hate hate hate hate, so shake it off shake it off.

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